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Street Fighter / Mortal Kombat systems


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Are they even based on the arcades?
No. They're both basket-weaving simulations. The screenshots on the packaging are just there to fool you.





Okokok.. so I should have expected an all out attack because I assume people would know what I was talking about but I didn't... What I really mean is, are they based on the arcade versions or are they based on a ported home version? And also I wanted to know if they were nice conversions. Am I asking too much? :?

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Your question was fine, I understood what you meant without clarification, but some people are always waiting to jump on every little thing.


It's a legitimate question, seeing how there's all these TV games things using Genesis hardware. Would be much easier and cheaper to put the Genesis versions on it using the Genesis hardware than attempt to port the arcade ones fresh with hardware capable of doing it.

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Mortal Kombat one has full blood/gore. The review I read says it has graphics somewhere between the Genesis and SNES versions, but the gameplay is supposed to be excellent. I think they said the d-pad can be a bit uncomforable due to a rigid texture - but not terrible.


I've been curious about the SFII one myself...

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Okay, the Mortal Kombat one is pretty good. The only thing to note is that the D-pad ridges aren't really as bad as some people mention- I have no problem with it. Aside from that, yeah, everything else mentioned is accurate- the blood, gore and fatalities are present, the gameplay is arcade-perfect, and the graphics are between the Genesis and Super NES versions. I'd recommend it if you're a huge MK fan.

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Who cares.. Had this not been bumped, I wouldn't have bothered looking at YouTube videos about this device, heh.


Looks like it's a reprogrammed version of the original MK. Visuals look more along the lines of the arcade and SNES versions, but the initial "press start" screen is more like the Genesis version. The life bars and text are sort of a mish-mash of both the SNES and Genesis styles. The animation itself is certainly better than the 16-bit ports though, and the music sound quality is different than either of those as well.

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Thread revival aside, if anyone is curious about the development of the Mortal Kombat TV Game, here are some words from the programmer himself: Cyberabi MK page.


Other details: the project started out built on the Sunplus SPG200 chip but was converted to Sunplus' PAC300 (SPG240) before shipping. It contained 6 MB of ROM (3 times the standard amount for a Jakks TV Game project), as well as 256 KB extra RAM to accommodate graphical data decompression.



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