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Dark Mage


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I've been playing Dark Mage on a real Atari (recommend unless you're immune to flicker).


I was wondering how far have folks gotten in the game? I can get the black rose, but I haven't figured out what to do with it yet...



-le geek

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I just got this game in a care package from a very cool guy (I'll let him out himself), so I haven't cracked it yet, but this gives me a good reason to move it to the top of my stack. I'll start in on it tomorrow!


Yes, its the text adventure.


Hooked on Phonics Stan

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Ahhhh with Stan Jr on the case the secrets of the Dark Mage will be revealed shortly I'm sure. Its been some time since Ive played the game. It seems to me you moved the joystick to select an action or a direction to walk. I wonder how hard it would be to modify the text and actions and produce a totally new text adventure???

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The game has been solved pretty quickly after it's release. The game would display a secret code at the end, and Greg Troutman had a little contest on the Stella list where the first person to send in the code could win a copy of the Dark Mage source code. (Hey it's a programmers list after all ) And in case you are wondering, the first person to send in the right answer was me.


The game is pretty easy to solve. You just have to make sure that you don't give any item away, that you still could use somewhere else first. This situation can happen more than once in Dark Mage.



Ciao, Eckhard Stolberg

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There are both 4k and 8k versions, but isn't the goal to give the rose back to the king? Maybe it just has a lame ending?


The last thing I do is give the artist the black paint and he then paints a rose and gives it to me, but I can do anything after that... any hints dark stan???


le geek

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I finally finished it, and I have the 8K version. I got the "end part one" as well. I was stuck because I gave the gold coin away, before I used it elsewhere. I never found a use for the penny or the hammer though.



le geek

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