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Solar Plexus

Jess Ragan

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Just thought I'd drop by to let you know that I've designed a fresh new game for the Atari 2600, Solar Plexus. This exciting action title pits you against an unstable miniature sun... your only hope for survival is to duck and weave its unrelenting attacks while collecting enough fuel to power your ship. The Solar Plexus will stop at nothing to destroy you, splitting apart and growing dangerously in size... can you last long enough to see its final mysterious form?


Solar Plexus borrows concepts from the underappreciated 2600 classic Solar Fox, as well as the even more obscure Fairchild Channel F release Dodge It. The two titles combine to create a game that's comfortably familiar, yet surprisingly fresh and original... this is definitely not just another Pac-Man or Space Invaders clone.


You can download the game from the link supplied below. It works best with the emulator Z26... I've heard reports from others that the game crashes under Stella, although I've never personally been able to get it to hang while running it on that emulator. The game has not yet been tested on a real 2600, but if you'd like to try it on one, I'd appreciate it if you could report back on its stability.


However you play it, let me know what you think of Solar Plexus! There's no room for any more changes or additions to the game, but I would nevertheless like your thoughts on the game.




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You should just admit that you got burned rather than making a feeble attempt to take the intellectual high ground.


I know that a solar plexus is a body part (although admittedly, I didn't know which part it was until I looked it up in Google). I don't care. It gives the game camp value, and it sounds cool if you don't spend an hour overanalyzing it.



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"feeble attempt to take the intellectual high ground"?


As an impartial observer, I'm giving this round to ZylonBane...Jess gets extra points off for having to self-declare the alleged "burn".


Also, I don't think "punch to the gut" was a negative comment per se.


I love the name Solar Plexus, because it sounds so sci-fi but has a goofy streak. "Solar Cub", its earlier possible title, would have been neat too because of the tie-in with Solar Fox.

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