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Are you happy that we have batari Basic?

Random Terrain

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I love the idea of batari Basic but I haven't given it a try for two reasons. My computer situation isn't good right now. I'm borrowing a laptop that is too slow to emulate the 2600 at a playable speed, so I don't want to load games in my Supercharger all the time.


Also, I'm waiting for the language to develop a bit further. Not that it isn't far now, but I can just see that more time will only make the language more powerful.

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Definitely one of the coolest things to hit gaming in a long time. I develop for a living, but the stuff I do is child's play compared to what is required for 2600 stuff. I am impressed by everyone who even attempts to do something with this machine. With bAtari, it makes it somewhat easier for folks like me to play around with this machine. It already brings back the days when 4k was considered to be a tremendous amount of memory and forces some real programming throught. The crap I do these days (Lotus Notes, VB, C#...) is so bloated it is'nt funny. So, I'm pumped about this. Might make me a real programmer again! ;)

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