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Yars' Return high score thread :)

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this game really kicks my ass. The screen is just too tight for any sort of manuvering.


Has anyone noticed that every once in a while you can wrap around the screen?



I know what you mean - the screen is very jammed - not much room between the edge of the screen, the neutral zone and the fortress. Getting off a good shot of the zorlon cannon without shooting yourself is quite a feat. Tip: the easiest place to shoot the Qotile in mid-flight is on the top left; have the zorlon cannon fire from the left. You have the entire length of the screen without the neutral zone to manuever and get off a shot. It the missiles get too close, you can always duck into the neutral zone temporarily.


I wish the game could be modified somehow; it's so close to being an awesome game. Graphic glitches aside, it's pretty playable. If there was a little more room to move, possibly with wrapping, and if hitting the walls with the zorlon cannon caused more damage (the moving wall level becomes almost impossible at later stages). Still pretty fun as is though.


When have you been able to wrap around? I've noticed a graphics glitch when you're on the bottom of the screen (part of the sprite shows up on top), but haven't been able to wrap yet.


Oh well - back to playing... :)

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