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Difference between Mattel and NES versions NES


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Mattel Version was sold Canada.



This is from what I know, I maybe wrong...

NES is produced by Nintendo and packaged / managed / sold / distributor by Nintendo Co. LTD. in USA and Japan....


In Canada / Great Britain NES is produced by Nintendo Co. LTD of Japan BUT managed by other company's that package and sell / distributor of them there...


Mattel in Canada / Great Britain package / sells them there and puts there logo on the package. thats all....


Hong Kong, NES / Famicom systems are packaged / managed / distributor / sold by Simon's Toys.... (official NES systems)


Brazil packaged / managed / sold by (Gradiente (pirates at first) ) official distributor name now is Playtronics , and also sell Sega too under TecToy name and still makes Sega systems to this date.


I hope this helps ???

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