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Anybody selling modified FB2's?

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I'm thinking I might be selling them as long as it's worth my while. I will not have the cart port in the center of the unit as already done though, I plan on putting it on top of the unit. Like my moc up pic below, its not a good pic but you get the idea. Can't do it as of yet cause there are no flashback 2's in Canada yet :(




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Now that the FB2s are good an plentyful, has any enterprising young soul started selling them yet? I'd try to mod it myself, but I've never actually done any electronics work before.


Wow... nice TARDIS avatar! (Check out my Peter Davison/Doctor Who costume picture by clicking on my name)


What I would like to see is a Flash Back 2 that has been modified and how it looked (casewise) after the mofication was done.


I figure top load would be good, or side/front load. Loading the catridge at an angle like the older Atari 2600's would be difficult considering where the buttons are, but maybe with extra work they could be moved to the sides.


LOL.. guess I have a real 7800 (and basically a 3600), so no rush on the FB2 mod, but love the controllers. :D

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