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Bob Colberts FB2 Hack

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If he can really do it without harming old Atari consoles and he started selling these, I would seriously think about buying one, at least until Atari finally brought out their own.

You can get Atari switches from Best Electronics :ponder:


Oh good. Old Atari consoles will not be harmed for sure then. If he can do this so 'easily' and Atari doesn't go out of business, isn't the next step for Atari to make something like this since all they have to do is copy his work? If they refuse to take that next step, I'd like to at least buy a modified FB2.

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Hi gang,

Glad you enjoyed my hack. Just to clarify a couple of things, the hack was not easy, it was a ton of work (and I'm still not done - need to mount those difficulty switches on the back). I killed the original 2600 because I had some free time and couldn't wait for shipping from Best Electronics (my wife was within a week of giving birth), so I made the decision to pull the parts from a beat up 2600 I had sitting around. There was major surgery performed on the faceplate and 4 attempts at creating the board that now holds the cartridge slot, switches, power plug, joystick ports and soon the difficulty switches before everything fit right. I used the original 2600 joystick ports and created 9-pin extension cables that plug into the FB2 ports. The FB2 motherboard was moved to the belly of the unit. If I were to do it again it would be easier, but I couldn't see anyone doing this as a service and being able to make enough money to justify the time it would take. My wife thinks I'm nuts, I must have spent 10 to 15 hours literally hacking away... It was all worth it though when I got to sit down with my son and play some games. He's only 4 but he is quite the gamer, seriously, his favorite game is Star Fox on the N64, anyway he loved playing "Dad's old games"!

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Looks great, why cant Infoatari make and sell 'em like this?  :roll:


Because they choose not to out of stupidity.


Maybe it's because they wear suits. It seems most people who wear suits get stupid. Must be a reaction to the dry cleaning poisons in the suits. It can't just be because they're French.

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