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Asteroids "Arcade" hack


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The inspiration: My Flashback 2, and its "Arcade Asteroids", which was basically a 'vectorised' hack of the original 2600 Asteroids with no other changes, which is fine, but I thought a true "arcade" hack could go a bt farther. I knew there's a lot of Asteroids hacks out there, each with their own tweaks to graphics and/or gameplay, so I tried to pull together the right collection of elements for as close an approximation to the arcade version of Asteroids as possible (graphics and gameplay) with a hack (and my skill set :) ). I can't say that I've been totally successful, but It's definitely different.


Changes - graphics:


Copyright screen changed to a cute little title.


Graphics for ship/rocks/UFOs changed to approximate arcade vector graphics (not just hollowed out)


All colors changed to black and white (except player 2, who is light gray)


Shows reserve ship sprites instead of numbers. (from Sadistroids)


Changes - gameplay:


Rock horizontal speeds tweaked so they don't 'fly in formation' quite as much. game is somewhat tougher as a result, and a lot tougher in 'fast rocks' mode (though not as hard as Sadistroids)


Player ship has greater thrust (also from Sadistroids)


UFOs are no longer an option, and appear regardless of how the difficulty switches are set.



Special thanks go to Thomas Jentzsch, for the Asteroids disassembly and info, and for creating the Sadistroids hack, which I used as my baseline.


(been a while since I hacked anything, and this is my first hack greater than 4K)


Here are the two big questions: Will the "medium" asteroids split into two smaller ones, and will the ship fire four shots?

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