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Games I'm enjoying on the FB2

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Three games that I've been finding myself playing a lot on the FB2, to my surprise:


1. Yar's Revenge


I never was that into this game when I was a kid and the original Atari 2600 came out. Admittedly, I found the gameplay complicated and tough to enjoy. But now I find myself addicted to it. Perhaps as an adult I have a greater appreciation for it, and it seems much more enjoyable on a TV with the original (repro) Atari joystick.


2. Aquaventure


Again, I wonder if I find this game a lot of fun because I'm playing it on the TV and with the joystick. I've played it on the emulators, and thought it looked good and was okay. But never found myself really enthused about it. Now for me it's one of the most played games on my FB2.


3. Atari Climber


Same thing. Joystick + TV makes all the difference. I think this is one of the neatest homebrews, but I never played it much on the emulators. Dang this game is tough!



Anybody have their own list of FB2 games you're finding yourself playing a lot?

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Just Centipede for me right now. Better than what passed for Centipede on the Atari TV Games unit.


Played Arcade Asteroids for a bit. Still the same regardless of graphic adjustments.


Also played Yar's Revenge. Getting too good at it now.


And also played Millipede and Missle Command.


Asteroids Deluxe, Space Duel, Yar's Return, and Caverns Of Mars look like they need serious work.

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River Raid - Getting lots of play. I look forward to plaing it... hmm....


Secret Quest - I never really played this game much but I'm getting into it! Pretty cool!!


Missile Command - I always loved this game.... 53" of glorious explosions ;-)


Yar's Revenge - of course!!! I've been waiting to play it for some time now...

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