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Sudoku Haiku


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Sudoku is a maddening puzzle game. It's usually played with numbers but it's not a math game, you just need nine different things to put in squares. You can play for free at Web Sudoku.


Next week I'm hoping to sign two publishers to a version I'm working on for Windows and PocketPC (and maybe a few other versions later). If it gets signed I need a little help coming up with the extra artistic material that makes one game nicer than another.


In this case I need Haiku. Really short non-rhyming poems in case you've been living under a rock, you can find all about them here. The subject must be either about Sudoku or about playing little time wasting games in general. Deadline is November 1.


The prizes: any Haiku that I like will be published in the game, and anyone whose Haiku is published will be mentioned in the credits. I'm thinking there will be two level of credits, Haiku Poets and Haiku Masters, the latter reserved for people with five or more that make it into the game. Also if yours makes it you get a free download copy of the game.


The Big Prize: Ok, this isn't so big but I don't have any budget. But the top five Haiku as selected by the project managers at the publishers will get a free copy of the boxed version, suitable for displaying to family and impressing members of the opposite sex at parties. A retail value of almost $13.


Disclaimers and stuff: All bets are off if the publishing deal falls through, although I'm pretty close to signing both so I think it's safe. I'm putting this out there a little early because I have to get a finished product to them really fast so I don't have much time to lose. All entries must be original, and by entering you give me permission to use them in the game.


If you don't know Sudoku be warned, it's addictive. Once you get good you can finish a puzzle in 7 to 11 minutes (well, that's my time anyway) but some can take longer...not too many take less. If anyone is curious I can post a developers notebook kind of thing as I work on it.


Oh yeah, if anyone can produce small Asian-sounding wave files for me royalty free and really cheap, please send me a PM.



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Excellent work. One of the two publishers signed yesterday. The other is in Florida and probably needs some time to get their electricity back and clean the rotted food out of their freezer, but I hope to have them before the week is out.


By the way I still need to know how you folk want to be listed in the credits.




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Good news folks, this game is a bit of a side project and I let it get a little out of hand in terms of the features, artwork and what not, so I'm just finishing it up now.


So there is about two weeks before lockdown. I'm actually putting in both the Haiku screen and credits this weekend (but they're data driven so I can add poems and names right up until I ship to the publisher).


How about some screen caps?


Main Menu

Select A Game



We have unique artwork for each combination of element and season, interesting game options and a tournament mode. I'm also in the process of licensing music (now that I found a relatively cheap source).


So this took way longer than I hoped but I'm pretty excited about the whole thing. I also have a publisher who might be interested in more puzzle games, so stay tuned.



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Called in sick today

Sat home and played Sudoku

Second time this week


Apartment's a mess

Pizza crusts, crumbs, Sudoku

Haven't slept in weeks


Wife thinks I'm working

I hope no one tips her off

Wish she'd bring a beer


When is it my turn?

After just one more puzzle?!

You said that last time!!


Sudoku feeds my

Frustration addiction

I need a quick fix

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