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New Redundant Topic! FB2 Modification

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check out this link for Curts Mod page, Also includes link to where to purchase parts






I have a few of the cart connectors for sale that can be used towards modding



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..where's the best information out there to mod the FB2?...as in, what parts you need, tools, screenshots, where I can get the addtional parts.  I thought there was a sticky, but I can't find it.


Any help?


..ps...the picture quality of the FB2 blows me away!  SO much better than my original equipment!


That might be a good idea (the sticky) so that we don't keep getting new redundant topics. :lol:


If there are enough FB/FB2 posts, maybe AtariAge can have a sub-section in the Dedicated Systems forum with a new moderator. Hey Al, I volunteer myself! :)

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