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Cnet poll: Atari FB2 vs. XBOX 360


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Curt rocks.


Post by: atarimuseum on 11/22/05    Previous message  | 


Come on, its obvious:


The Atari Flashback 2 is the clear winner here-


1. FB2 has 40 launch titles vs Xbox360's 12

2. FB2 comes with 40 games, you have to buy each XB360 game seperately at more cost then the Atari Flashback 2 alone.

3. The FB2 Controllers are a lot easier to use

4. The FB2 is mod'ble and upgradable and it allowed by Atari, MS will come and hunt you down if you sell any kind of mod's for the XB360.

5. FB2 is smaller and takes up less space.

6. FB2 can be hacked into a portable, the XB360 can only be hacked into a luggable.


$29.99 vs $399.99


Come on -- FB2 is the clear winner!!!







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I'm surprised it's as close as it is. With todays modern gamers scoffing at anything more than 1 minute older than them, I expected the Xbox to be running away with it.



But then you have the crybabies that would vote for anything but Microsoft. Look at this tool's post...


HA i really cant stand MS anyone. Support is **** and the programs are coming from the sewers. Gates if you read this FIX XP server pack 2 and make it better. STOP WITH GAME CONSOLES!! you cant make a good stable windows then why are you trying to make a console... This makes my brain go crazy. XBOX + windows = Gates toilet.


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