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Bugs Bunny Easter Egg Hunt


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/news/BugsBunny/index.htmlAtari2600.com has announced a Bugs Bunny Easter Egg promotion to take place at the upcoming PhillyClassic 3 expo. The Atari 2600 Bugs Bunny game scheduled for release on Saturday 27th at 12:30pm contains a hidden message from game programmer Bob Polaro himself, Bob and Graphic Artist Alan Murphy's initials. Be the first to successfully find the initials, crack the Bugs Bunny Easter Egg, and win two weekend passes to Classic Gaming Expo 2K2 including two nights at the Plaza Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas compliments of Atari2600.com. You can read more about the upcoming Bugs Bunny release here, including a picture of the box artwork.
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Originally posted by Thomas Jentzsch:

What happened? Was the Easter Egg found? And if yes, who won and how is is triggered? If no, how do I get a binary for my own hunting?


I do not know iof the Easter Egg Hunt actually took place. Bugs Bunny was running almost non-stop at the Atari2600.com booth, but I don't know if the Easter Egg Hunt was promoted or if the egg was found. Scott Stilphen showed up pretty late so I don't think he had a chance to try and claim the prize. I'll research this when I get back home, although perhaps by then someone will have posted more information.

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Forgive me for being skeptical, but how is that possible?

Since it is impossible to jump twice while a "bullet" is moving, you must mean that Bugs is shot just after Elmer gets a refill. Problem is that Elmer won't shoot unless you are near him (meaning that there is still a quarter-second delay from the time that Bugs finishes his jump and when the "bullet" from the replentished supply reaches him).

Am I reading your solution correctly?

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The screenshot is a fake based on Thomas' determination of where it would appear on the screen in the first proto. While this doesn't necessarily mean that Bugs needs to actually be on the same screen level for it to appear, I still have doubts that the solution posted is correct.

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Actually, Thomas hacked it so that it would appear every time Bugs took a hop. It only appears for a split-second. I got the screenshot by pausing the game just as the initials were flashed


There's a little more animation to Bugs' hop sequence in the 2-player version, as he seems to pick himself up from the ground after hopping now.

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I have an original proto of this. Haven't played it in 2 years though, so I don't remember too much about it. I might dig it out this week and see what I can do.


So, was anyone able to get me a copy of the Philly Con one. I was actually going to go, but have been deathly ill since Thursday.



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Good luck with that one...there's no bullets to steal in it, so the above solution wouldn't work with it anyway.


Anyone at all get the Numan effect to work?

Scott and I came up blank. If "serendipitous" Stan can't do it either, that should be enough to put this one to rest.


[ 04-28-2002: Message edited by: Nukey Shay ]

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All I know is that it's happened to me twice. Both times it was after the first intermission (I've seen three now, and they are all the same). Both times it was on the top level. Both times Elmer was moving really fast, but I wasn't watching him, I was trying to grab the bullets.


Sometimes when you are right under the house and press the button, Bugs does a jump to the other side of the screen and not grab the bullets. I was jumping back and forth, right to left and vice versa.


At some point I was shot, Bugs did the lie down and the initials pop up. It only stays there for a second or two.


I do know that sometimes Elmer will warp as well. I do not have a specific technique (in terms of number of times to jump) for getting the initials, except that it has happened while I'm trying to grab the bullets and jumping from the edges.


I figured the idea was related to the bullets because while I was playing with the gentleman from Atari2600.com (he was Elmer), he kept saying the major points were gained by grabbing the bullets.


I may not have been clear on my original post, but all I was doing was jumping via the warp from one house to the other to get the bullets. While doing that, on the left side of the screen I was shot. I believe I was shot immediately after my jump from the right edge of the screen to the left edge of the screen. Maybe I moved a little to the right first.

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Also, both times I've left at least one carrot from the lower levels in place before going to the top level.


The reason is because when you steal the bullets, the remaining carrots begin flashing and the music stops. I thought maybe that had something to do with it.

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I just did it. I was on level 11 (on game #1, dif switches at B). I got the bottom carrot, went to the top level, took the bullets (from the right side), and jumped around to the left. The hole was placed so that as I wrapped around I landed on the hole. Elmer was at the left house already and got a shot off at me just as I hit the hole. When I did, the initials popped up just as they appear in the hacked version's screenshot.



There are 16 levels, and an intermission (the same) after every 8. After the 16th level, they start back at 1. Here are the bottom screen colors for each:





5-lt. green

6-lt. orange



9-lt. blue/green






15-lt. green




Jumping in hole - 10 x # of bullets Elmer has left (10-80). Manual is wrong (says 70 is max).

Stealing bullets - 100

"bullet bonus" - If you steal bullets, and there are any carrots left (on other rows) quickly jump in the hole and select one before it stops flashing (the manual doesn't mention this). You'll get 250 points!


[ 04-29-2002: Message edited by: Scott Stilphen ]

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