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Super Baseball

Red 5

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I finally got my hands on a Super Baseball.


With all the trouble I have had finding one for a reasonable price (under $5.00 for a rarity 2 seems more than reasonable) shouldn't this title be at least a rarity 3... if not a 4 ?


Looked on Ebay for one today.

There are two listed in stores.

One for $7 and one for $5.


Not saying that this is as rare as Waterworld, but by comparison, there

are 4 copies of Waterworld for sale.


There are twice as many Waterworlds on Ebay than Super Baseball.

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It's probably a three, or maybe alot of the twos should be downgraded to ones. O'Sheas had Super Football, which is also listed as an R2, but not Super Baseball. I think all the O'Shea titles should be at least one point below similar titles that were not sold by them.


Not that Atari couldn't of made just as many copies, but if Osheas has it, then we know there are 100K+ sitting, where with Super Baseball there probably wasn't. Maybe because of Realsports Baseball, that & RS Football are also available from Oshea.



Looking at other red labels, I think the rarities for Donkey Kong & DKJR are reversed. I had a heck of a time finding the original DK, where as DKJR was up or is up almost constantly. And DK is a three, while DKJR is listed as a four. Again I'm collecting boxed, but even looking at loose auctions I bet on most weeks you will find twice as many DKJRs red label Atari version compared to the original DK red label.

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