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PAL 5200 Games?


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Are there PAL 5200 games? I heard that one prototype PAL system with a few games was found awhile back but I never heard anything else about it (probably because I'm the only one who cares).


I ask because I've seen some rom files list as PAL versions and I know someone with a Star Raiders proto that has PAL on it. If it does it exist is the system PAL like the 400/800 or is it the games that are PAL like the 2600. Anyone know?



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Taken from the CCNUK compatibility list (probably where you read it in the first place):




Atari 5200


Only ever sold in NTSC. A PAL version was recently discovered, along with three PAL cartridges. However, it would not run NTSC

5200 cartridges.



Recently discovered meaning earlier than 96-97, when I first read about it on the list. I have this feeling someone told me it was owned by a guy in the UK, but I'm not sure on that.


I'd guess that the only PAL 5200 games in existance are all prototypes, or early preview copies, when Atari was thinking of releasing the system overseas. Does your friends Star Raiders work on an NTSC system?


As for the rom dumps, perhaps they were labelled as PAL by someone who didn't really know - perhaps the colours were off (or something) and they thought they'd label it as a PAL game. - Or maybe they are dumps of 5200 PAL protos/preview copies.


If you find one, I'll take it off your hands - I've still not got round to importing the behemoth from the US


Steve Rich

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Yes I believe they do because he told me they were tested and worked. He has Star Raiders labeled "PRAID. CRT PAL 2/23/83 Star Raiders" and Pac-man Labeled "Pac-Man REV A PAL 2-10-83". I don't know what to make of these, I'll have to ask him more about them.


This brings up another interesting question, what are those Rev. A prototypes? I've seen a few labeled Rev. A and Curt Vendel has a 5200 game release list that mentions both the regular game and Rev. A.



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