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Spare Change


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Anyone have instructions for this game?

I could only find this for the Apple II version: http://www.textfiles.com/apple/DOCUMENTATION/spare.change


We'll try to scan the manual in our collection in the not too distant future in case nobody has it.



Atari Frog




Looks like a fun game. Nice graphics & sound. Please do scan.

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I just sent the Spare Change manual (I just noticed you already have the box scanned).


I may be able to send the Crown of Gold ATR in the next week or two. All my hardware is in storage (and I kid you not, I just noticed a mouse there, so I may be distracted while I go after it), and I have never made an ATR before, so between moving and learning, it may take awhile. Where is the best resource that explains the ATR dumping process? I think I have a Happy Drive and an SIO2PC cable, although I have never used either...


Thank you for doing such a great job on the site! :)

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Thank you, DeathTrap and James.


Also, very nice job on the website. Nice colors and details.


I don't know if it was available before, but I like the "recent comments" portion.


One possible improvement:

When, for instance, you click on the "400 800 XL XE" section -> "Games" -> then do a search, nothing happens when you click on "Games" again.

This may have been a preference, but I feel that it should take you back to the main/beginning page for the "Games" section.


Thanks again!

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