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breakout on the fb2

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Hello. I've been lurking here since getting my FB2 a couple of months ago, but have never posted. I'm calling on your expertise as I have a problem playing Breakout on my FB2.


I've entered the code to bring up the paddle games, but I can't get Breakout to work. With the paddles plugged in, I can move the paddle on screen, but I can't get a ball to drop into play. If I plug in a joystick, I can get a ball in play by moving the stick to the right, but I have no control of the on-screen paddle.


Warlords works fine.


Any suggestions? Similar problems?



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Hold down the Select and Reset buttons with the color/bw switch in bw mode, now power up.


A Paddle controller test menu will appear, now plug in your paddles and test them and make sure your fire buttons are working.


You can do the same in color mode for joystick testing.








It sounds like your paddle button is not working. There are many possible reasons for this, but if you have no electronics knowledge the best test would be to try a different set of paddle controllers.


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