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Help! FB2 sound just, disappeared!

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Hello, I know none of yall know me at all, but I got a major SNAFU with my Flashback2

15 minutes out of the box, and I'm reveling in the sounds and delights of the 2600... was having a great time. Started to play one of the homebrews (Frog i think), then another (Return to Haunted House?) The ghost caught me or something, so I went to another Homebrew. No sound, but I figured it was homebrew, maybe they didn't wan't to have sound so they'd have more memory for the game. Anyway, long story short, now nothing has sound.

And its not my jacks or anything like that.

This is extremely frustrating, It was working, and 15 mins later its not, without warning. The games that did have sound, now no longer do!

I've run the diagnostic, tried different inputs, on/off, everything I can think of...

Do I have just a faulty unit, or is there something I can do?

I mean, my wife gave it to me, and I am super stoked, I love this little box, but now the sound doesn't work.

Please, anyone have similiar happen? Is this a bug? Did it fry the audio?

All the games play fine (lunar lander is very flickery)

Pretty bummed if it is plain screwed.

Maybe I can exchange it without my wife knowing...

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Why not? These things happen. The first one I got was broken, but the second one(replacement from store) works great. I doubt your wife will get upset about it, it isn't like she went through them to find a broken one....and it sounds like you didn't do anything to it.....

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