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Dig-Dug Arcade. Need Hacker For Help.


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For years I wanted some of the old 2600 "arcade-ported" games like Dig-Dug to be more like the arcade as closes as it can and I took time to try to see if the sprites from the 2600 can be as the real arcade looking and here's some sprited gif in motion and one pic from both the origranl and there updated looks next to each other







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Creating a disassembly of carts greater than 4K is always a bit more challenging.


Dig Dug is 16K and has 4 banks.


What I do, with the current tools is to split the rom into four 4096 byte files. These files have to be changed from ORG to RORG. Then remove the START from each and then include each of them from a master file.


Here is then is a quick disassembly that reassembles to an identical binary to digdug.





- identify areas of code that are in data (.byte statements)

- find the location of the graphics in the data areas (for replacement)


Note: Dig Dug is a Super Chip aka Sara game (ie 128 bytes of RAM mapped at $1000 - $10FF)

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This is a replacement file for p2.s in the above source. I used the Stella debugger to advance lines until I was in the drawing code and found some of the graphics in the second bank.


I re-disassembled using this config file in distella.



GFX B129 B186


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I dug (heh) through the ROM and found some locations for graphics. I'm not sure if I got everything, but I think it's close. There were some weird zigzags in the ROM too! Maybe this is space that could be used for better graphics?


045f - 0492 = part of logo
067d - 06ac = Part of logo
06e9 - 06ff = Part of dig dug logo and Atari copyright
0865 - 08e3 = Part of dig dug logo and Atari copyright
090b - 090e = horizontal hose 
0913 - 091c = pooka (FORWARD)
091c - 0926 = fygar breath fire(LEFT)
0927 - 093a = dig dug (DOWN) 2 frames
093c - 0945 = pooka (RIGHT)
0946 - 0950 = fygar (LEFT)
0951 - 0998(?) = more dig dug graphics (top one smiles)
0a5d(?) - 0af4 = ATARI copyright
0b00 - 0b4e = score numbers (0-9)
0b58 - 0b5e = teddy bear icon (easy mode)
1129 - 1133 = pineapple
1138 - 1142 = dig dug death frame 1
1147 - 114d = dig dug death frame 2
1156 - 1158 - dig dug's shovel (RIGHT) 
1162 - 1164 - dig dug's shovel (LEFT) 
1170 - 1172 = dig dug's shovel
18f1 - 18fb = fygar (LEFT)
1d1a - 1d24 = fygar (LEFT)
1d29 - 1d33 = fygar (RIGHT)
1d38 - 1d40 = pooka (RIGHT) frame 2
1d47 - 1d4f = big fire (LEFT)
1d55 - 1d5e = pooka (LEFT) frame 1
1d63 - 1d6b = pooka (LEFT) frame 2
1d72 - 1d77 = onion (or turnip)
1d7f - 1d82 = horizontal hose
1d8b - 1d93 = big fire (RIGHT)
1d98 - 1da2 = verticle hose (when close to object)
1da8 - 1daf = carrot
1db6 - 1dbd = small fire (LEFT)
1dc4 - 1dcb = small fire (RIGHT)
1dd1 - 1dd9 = mushroom
1ddf - 1de8 = pooka  (RIGHT)
1ded - 1df7 = galaxian
1dfd - 1e0e = fire(?) maybe nothing
1e14 - 1e1e = dig dug (RIGHT) frame 1
1e23 - 1e2d = dig dug (RIGHT) frame 2
1e32 - 1e3c = dig dug (RIGHT) frame 3
1e41 - 1e4b = dig dug (LEFT) frame 1
1e50 - 1e5a = dig dug (LEFT) frame 2
1e5f - 1e69 = dig dug (LEFT) frame 3
1e6e - 1e78 = dig dug (UP) frame 1
1e7d - 1e87 = dig dug (DOWN) frame 1
1e8c - 1e95 = dig dug (DOWN) frame 2
1e9c - 1ea4 = dig dug (UP) frame 2
1ea9 - 1eb2 = fygar ghost frame 1 (smile)
1eb9 - 1ebe = pooka ghost frame 1
1ec6 - 1ecc = pooka ghost frame 2
1ed3 - 1edd = fygar breathe fire right
1ee2 - 1eec = fygar breathe fire left
1ef2 - 1efb = pooka  (FORWARD)
1f0a - 1f0f = (?)
1f14 - 1f1e = fygar normal
1f23 - 1f29 = 2nd frame in broken rock sequence
1f32 - 1f35 = 3rd frame in broken rock sequence
1f42 - 1f48 = rock(?)
1f50 - 1f5a = fygar ghost frame 2 (frown)
1f60 - 1f67 = falling rock
1f6e - 1f73 = onion (or turnip)
1f7b - 1f83 = cucumber
1f89 - 1f93 = eggplant
1f98 - 1fa0 = dig dug death frame 3
1fa7 - 1fae = bell pepper
1fb5 - 1fbc = tomato
1fc3 - 1fc8 = watermelon 
1fd0 - 1fe2 = verticle hose 

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I dug (heh) through the ROM and found some locations for graphics.  I'm not sure if I got everything, but I think it's close.  There were some weird zigzags in the ROM too!  Maybe this is space that could be used for better graphics?


Unlikely. More probable that it is a lookup table of bit values...which would be a zig-zag pattern if viewed as gfx. Hacking those would mess up the program in some respect...because the expected values would be all wrong.

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:ponder:  I guess it just goes to show how little I know about the subject!  :lol:


I thought it was funny, because of the Dig Dug bootleg Zig Zag.



Yknow what's funny is that thing aint ZigZag.. I mean it is, but the ZigZag bootleg that seemed to be super prevalant all over the place had a Pickaxe! (It made you go faster).


Those pics on Klov look like just like regular Dig Dug with a different name in there whereas ZigZag was obviously different hardware. Anyway.. interesting :)

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Interesting, I checked it out in MAME! the Galaxian hardware Zig Zag has some interesting differences including the pickaxe, while the Dig Dug hardware Zig Zag doesn't seem to have anything different besides the logo. The pickaxe is a nice feature... it's just too bad it isn't on the Dig Dug hardware bootleg because I don't really care for the glitchiness of the other.




I've always been more of a Mr Do fan. All this time, in Dig Dug, I've usually killed the enemies with the pump instead of using the boulders. Until I opened up the VCS ROM and saw the bonus fruits, I'd never even seen any appear in the game! So I go back and realize that moving about and breaking the boulders (tilling the soil) made the ground more fertile and fruits and vegetable snacks were to be had! That realization alone just made the game 100 times more fun for me then it ever has been before!


:lol: :dunce:

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15 hours ago, Atariboy2600 said:

Wow been too longXD

IKR? I read my posts and was - I used to know 2600 stuff? LOL 
This was 15 years ago... another short 5 years and it will have been 20 years!
which is about how long from 2006 I originally had a 2600...

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