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The Flashback 2 is amazing!

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Picked up my first Flashback 2 from J&R Music World.

I love it!

I felt like I was 10 years old again playing Asteroids.

What a great price too.

To me the $29.99 is worth it just for the 2 brand new 2600 joysticks.


It was like getting the console and 40 games for free.

Anyway, I went back to purchase a few more of these from J&R for my games collection and they are now out of stock.


I hope they get these back in soon.

Thanks to all those involved in making this nice little piece of retro gaming hardware :)


Can't wait to see what the Flashback 3 is going to be =)

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I bought a FB2 as well -- just because I needed extra joysticks for my 8-bit machines. But I also liked the fact that it had many games that I didn't have on my real Atari 2600 :)


Everything about the product is perfect, the FB2 is shaped like the original Atari, the joysticks and even the packaging is awesome. In fact, when I'm done using it, I put everything back in it's box to keep everything in pristine condition.

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