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new members brought here due to the FB2

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The FB2 didn't bring me in, so much as it brought me back.

I used to collect 2600 and Jaguar stuff very seriously, but sold it all off about 3 years ago when I moved overseas. I picked up an FB2 on my last visit back home, and I've been playing around with emulation again after my three-year hiatus.

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It pretty much brought me here. I won't deny it. I was looking into the cart hack, and ran across this site. From what I read on here, I liked what I saw about the FB2, so I went and bought one. I'm glad that the site isn't strictly limited to Atari, though. That's a plus that has been keeping me coming back.

It's cool to be able to read and post reviews of other PnP games.

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Hmmm.....I've been collecting Atari games since I got mine in the mid-80's (I think...can't remember the exact year...) -- so collecting alone brought me to AtariAge and to check out the forums. However the Flashback 2 Hack is what brought me to join and post!



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The Atari FB2 probably brought me here. But... I mean, the cheap arcade cabinet at Target got me interested in MAME, which got me to buy an X-Arcade and make a MAME cabinet... which then got me interested in the Atari... and while searching for MAME stuff I came across the Flashback 2... which I bought... then realized I wanted a 5200... and then I picked up a REAL 2600 VCS for the cartridge port... but it worked... so...


It was quite a journey getting here. :)

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