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HMOVE blank question

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Can anyone explain why Pitfall! on the FB2 displays the HMOVE blanks and other games don't? More importantly, can I choose to turn on the blanks in my homebrew kernel?

That's a good question. I thought it was discovered that the HMOVE lines do show up for PF graphics. The problem with that theory is Pitfall! doesn't use PF on each scan line.

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HMOVE lines do show up for PF graphics.


This is close to what I'd like to know. My kernel writes #%11010000 to PF0, so the first 4 pixels of the screen are PF and the next 4 are BK. I wonder if the HMOVE line would show up in this instance?


A screenshot and binary of the homebrew in question can be found at my blog. If anyone has the means and interest to test on a FB2, please let us know how it looks. If you see an extra blue stripe on the left, that means the HMOVE's are absent.

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