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Sudoku for xl/xe...


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*** complain modus off *** on friday (2nd february) I played this game with my girlfriend Debora. On the easiest level (was that beginner or easy?) it took us 28 minutes to complete a level. We did not have the motivation to play a harder game then... *** complain modus still off ***


Looks like this game is really tough, even in the easiest modes. Errmm, what means the mode himself ?!? It appears to be the hardest mode... ?!? My first thought was, the Atari would play himself... ;-) alas, it did not...


Anyway, here some "docs" for playing the game:


1) press Select to select the game difficulty...

2) press Option until it displays "create"

3) now press Start to start the game

4) press 1-9 to fill in numbers 1-9 (and -=+* to move around)

5) press Space to erase numbers (or simply overwrite them with a new number)

finally 6) when you think you are done press Option again, until it displays "chekk"

7) then press Start to let the computer check your solution


=> if a "baarrp" sounds, then your solution is wrong, otherwise the program will create a new Sudoku screen, filled with new numbers...


Target of the game: You have to fill in all 9 fields with numbers 1-9.

Rule 1:Every single field must hold the numbers 1-9 once (and only once!).

Rule 2: All nine fields form one big field and guess what: here you must also have the numbers 1-9 once (once vertically and once horizontically, meaning once in every row and column, but again only once!).

Rule 3: some numbers are already given by the computer, you cannot change them (nor place them elsewhere)...

Thus, type in the missing numbers and try to fit the rules (which is not so easy)...


- Andreas Magenheimer.

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