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River Raid ASM Question


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hey All,



Does anyone have a ASM of River Raid that has the color tables commented into it for the balcgrounds\ships\ect? I have neet idea I'm playing with for a Star Wars type hack and I was just wondering if I could save some time if there is already a disasembly avalible that has the colors commented already.


Thanks For Any Help,


Shawn Sr.

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What's wrong with my disassembly? :?




Nothing at all. I'll give it a try. I read threw it and it notes the colors but I was hoping for one that was "k.i.s.s."ed a little more. Like


LDX $80; this is the color of the boat


For example. I'll see what I can do with yours and I will amend the ASM the way I mean and re-post it.

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Alternatively you can use: 



in the first line of your code (before include vcs.h)


Originally vcs.h had the TIA read registers defined at $3x, but River Raid uses a mirror at $0x. So I had to add "-$30" to any TIA read access register. Today vcs.h. defaults to $0x, TIA_BASE_READ_ADDRESS = $30 changes that to the old behavior.

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