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PLASTRON game contract


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Well I finally got round to getting in to the loft and I have found a couple of documents that may interest some of you.


Dunno about anyone else, but i like seeing little snippets of history like this - ta for (about to be) doing that. =-)

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I should scan and upload the two contracts for the books I wrote in 1984/5 (Games for Your Atari 600XL and Astounding Arcade Games for the Commodore 64).


I could write a novel about how the publisher violated every single point of the contract (although that seems to be par for the course in the computer industry).

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OK it is done contract sent to http://www.atarimania.com/ so they will hopefully post it to the game link soon.






Really great Andy, thanks again :thumbsup:



Atari Frog




Yes, many thanks Andy!


The contract is online now:




It's really fantastic to have access to such a unique document. I bet that I wasn't the only one who dreamed of signing a piece of paper like that back in the 80s and 90s!



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Exchange rate in 1991 was 0.5148 so was closer to £5000. But as you say its not a lot. This was at the end of the 8-Bits lifes so i wish i had done it 10 years earlier :sad:


However if you look at it from a point of view is this is something we did for fun. The game took only 6 weeks to make from contract signing to complete game. It was worked on 2 evenings a week and Sunday mornings when i would meet at Andy Mills house. We both did bits on other days but main programming done in 3off 4 hour meet per week for 6 weeks so around 200 man hours of coding. Today you are talking years of man hour per game.


You can also get all the source code for this game at http://www.jetbootjack.com/JBJ_oldgamesdownloads.html


if you are intereted so you now have full access to everything about this game.



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