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Does anyone have the Batari basic Front end?


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Does anyone have the Batari basic Front end? The Alien Bill website seems to be down but I read about the front end at:




Please post it on here if you have it.


Thank You,





You can download the latest version from this very forum:




I also recommend Crimson Editor, a free IDE that can be easily set up to work with batari BASIC and/or 6502 assembly programming.


To answer your private message to me (because other people probably want to know the answer as well), no, I haven't launched my tutorial yet. I kept trying to revise it, and then I got sidetracked by other things. But I'm going to start posting it tonight or tomorrow night. And it won't be formatted in HTML like I'd intended, it will just be posts to this forum. Once it gets well under way, I plan to go back and start redoing it as a spiffy HTML version.


Be warned, though, that I don't plan to get into any actual programming right away, because I intend to cover some preliminaries first, such as getting things set up on the computer-- downloading and installing the necessary tools, configuring Crimson Editor to work with batari BASIC and 6502 assembly, modifying the compile batches to allow the use of subdirectories, etc.


Also, my intention is to cover the Atari's basic features one by one, therefore you may not be able to start working on a game until several sessions into the actual programming sessions.


Michael Rideout

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