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PC Engine Flash Cart


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Has anyone tried one of these?




It looks awfully tempting since there's no way most of us can get our hands on those rare PC-Engine games. It would be nice to have 60 of them all on one cart. The website is a bit sketchy on details though.



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I hate to bump this... but has anyone tried this yet? I am thinking about buying it. Just curious as to which Flash cart is the best for the TG Express I have. I already have a converter to play the PCE games.... but I thought this would be really cool.


Any suggestions as to a flash cart would be greatly appreciated.

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Well... thus far I'm leaning towards getting this Flash cart.... It really looks amazing. It is roughly the same size as HU Cards, and isn't ugly like the other one I saw where you use scotch tape as protection. This thing actually has a label and everything.


Pretty intriguing...


Look at the photos next to a GT system...







It states that the card works with the Turbo Express (US version) as well... and I'm really starting to consider this. Has anyone bought one and have an opinion of it? I can't seem to find a review of it anywhere. I would hate to be a 'test subject' but I just may for this item.... If I get this I'll write a full review. Let me know about your current flash carts though.... I'd like to hear about them as well



Thank you

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Am I reading things right? It can be used on the Gameboy Advance as well? Wow....


I suspect the GBA connector is to load data via the USB slim loader.

My tototek flash cart also has a gba connector and uses an external gameboy flasher to load data onto the flash cart.


This looks like a huge improvement over my tototek monstrosity.

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I will buy one on my next paycheck (Aug 18th). So, if Eric gets it first he'll give you his report.. otherwise I will. It does support TG-16. I have been wanting to design something like this for years.


Now that this is out I'd like to see one for the Sega Master System.

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The PCE FLASH Cart arrived TODAY in Michigan. I am not there right now and won't be until the 3rd of Sept. I will post a review after I play around with it.


Thus far: I was happy the shipping was fast. I bet they have some in a warehouse somewhere here in The States....


YES! I'm glad someone decided to take the splash. You've got to let me know how this is. I would love to get one of these, as well. Well...as long as the quality is decent...

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Learn to read the thread?! In a previous message he states:


"I am not there right now and won't be until the 3rd of Sept. I will post a review after I play around with it."


Forgive me for bumping, but has EricDeLee tested the flash cart yet?


Help me - I'm burning! :)

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