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Circus Atari Disassembly


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Nono...an automated Distella disassembly is just the very first (easy) step of a very long process. Without something new added, it's not any different than downloading the binary. The "something new" can be comments on the original code to help others understand what program lines are doing, optimizations to the program to allow it to run in tighter code, program or data hacks to the game to offer new challenges, anything. As it stands, Distella did all the work...so there's nothing new in there.


But here's a hack that combines the regular game with Zellers' joystick hack (so you can use either controller...use the Color/B&W switch to toggle controller types).




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I love Circus Atari! I have lots of fond memories of playing this with my grandma. The little characters cracked her up.  I don't love how poorly it plays with my paddles though, so I'm looking forward to trying this joystick version. 

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