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FB2 stick base question

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I noticed there are four little plastic tabs sandwiched between they gray rubber part and the top half of the stick base. Found that out when one busted off.

What purpose do they serve? Looks to me like the stick base stays in there on its own, and the tabs simply keep it from spinning around.

The shaft spins easily as it is, so ahving it spin at the base ins't a problem for me.


Should I glue the tabs back on when they break or just let them fall off?

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They don't seem to adversely affect the performance of the stick much (makes the feel a bit "mushier" if enough tabs break), and since the tabs take stress with normal operation, you'd need epoxy or better glue to keep them from snapping off again in no time - so it may not be worth repairing them.


Buy more FB2s for spare sticks. :)

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