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Walmart Summer Restock....

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Walmart is taking approx 200K of additional restock of Atari Flashback 2's to sell through the summer, so for anyone still looking for a FB2 or a couple, Walmart should have them in stock around the US.



Sorry, no word on a PAL version STILL for Europe/UK or Pan-Asia as of yet, the H/W was done a while ago, but no Green-light yet to move forward on producing PAL chips or changing the games to PAL versions, still in a holding pattern and circling I'm afraid.


I am however working with some of the 8bit hw hackers and plan to give any/all assistance to them in getting a 32bit 800 system going.





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Is this a new Revision of the system or more of RevB?
Most likely RevB, as much more fanfare would have occurred with the release of a RevC unit, i.e., bug fixes and major improvements to several of the "new" games, like Lunar Lander, Yars' Return, Caverns of Mars, and maybe even Return to Haunted House ;) . If the PAL version is indeed released, the unit may be based on the RevC unit (but this is speculation on my part).
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