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Anybody notice the lack of FB2 in stores?

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Extra sticks would be a great idea but I can't see any store actually carrying them. It would be too confusing to the consumer when they see the flashback joystick which is just an extra joystick, then on the same shelf the 10 in 1 Atari Joystick that actually has games for $10 more. Of course as brilliant consumers in America are they'll buy the cheaper one and then find out when the open it up and try to plug it in to the TV there are no games built-in. And the returns pour in.


However it would be a nifty thing to sell though a website such as this :)


The flashback sticks are a bit stiff to me compared to the originals but I like them regardless.


I'd like to pick up an extra now just to get the extra sticks. I wonder if there's some way to rubberize the sticks, so they have that original feel...
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