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Squares - CV demo


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This game looks like it has a lot of promise.


Here's my suggestion for the gameplay:

You have four different colored enemies (purple, red, yellow, blue). Your current boundary square is white on all sides. I would make each side a different color that corresponds to the enemies' colors. The object of the game would be to bounce each enemy to the side that matches their color. Once all the enemies are secured you'd advance to the next level.


To get the enemy to stick to their side, you'll need to ram into them. However, touching the enemy on three of its sides will lose you points. Each enemy has a weak side that corresponds to the direction that you would have to push them. For example, if the purple boundary is on top, then the purple enemy can only be touched from below. If the yellow boundary is on the right, then the yellow enemy can only be touched on its left side.


To make it more difficult, enemies could get un-stuck if you take too long in securing all the squares. The colors of the boundaries could change during the level, so that the purple side wouldn't always be on top. You could also include bonuses that earn you points or freeze the enemies. The amount of enemies could also increase, but you might need to make the squares smaller in size so that you'll have room to move around.


Regardless of what you do, keep it up. This looks like it'll be fun to play once it gets finished.


+ Nathan

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In the rarely-used(?) CV programming forum...
Not surprised - we're at Atari Age, not Coleco Collective :ponder:


True, that might be one reason. There's also a lot more activity in [colecoprogramming]. But still I'm happy about every bit of Coleco info that finds its way here :)

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