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I only had the opportunity to try this game out once at the arcade, but it seemed very cool. I gotta get it for my Lynx! I think a Jaguar version was actually planned too, but I don't know if it ever got past the "idea" stage anyway...as with a LOT of games...

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The Sega Genesis version was very true to the coin-op. Me and some friends "found" Rampart while at a bowling alley, I think. We loved it immediately and bought it when it came out for the Genesis.


Some of us would have Rampart nights at my old place. We'd be up until morning feverishly pounding each other's castles to pieces, usually after a stop at Denny's. Those were the days.

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I could never really get into this game for some reason... Of course, I only ever played it in MAME, and I really sucked at it... Were there ever any plans to bring this game to the 2600? It probably wouldn't have been pretty, but hey, if they can do Crystal Castles, Zaxxon, and Congo Bongo.....



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