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The Jaguar CD version is pretty good. All the graphics and animations are intact and there are new play modes and all. Only problem is that the load times are brutal, and the combo system got screwed up along the way. If none of that bothers you, it's definitely the best looking port. Oh, and you'd probably want a ProController to actually play it. I don't know how well it plays with the normal 3 button controller.



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I've heard about this game before. They mention at KLOV that humans morph into dinosaurs, and I've heard that Atari did this because they felt that people could identify more with humans than dinosaurs. I'm still extremely skeptical that this would increase the appeal at all (except for maybe some of the female characters ). 'fraid I'm not sure how many of these were made though... I'm also not sure if the game was ever finished even.


Here's a little more info on this game, and here's more information on Atari arcade prototypes that might interest you



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