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Seaside Heights board walk in Jersey


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Hi Devin,


Yup, I know the place your talking about, the classic games in the back by the large carousel on the boardwalk. I remember at one time going in the back by the "forest skeet shot" area and there were dozens upon dozens of coin-ops facing the wall off to the side not even in use. Great place for playing some classics, some not in the greatest shape, others holding up fairly well though.




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There's a spot where there is a bunch of old classic arcades. They have a Ghostbusters game, Tapper, and more. Has anyone ever been there or Seaside Heights? First off, does anyone know what I'm talking about? If ya don't know, then simply ignore this thread.


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Please...please no bickering in the tri-state area, please!


I've been down to the arcades many times, though not too recently, they are usually good for a few classics, also not as far south there are a few boardwalk arcades in Keansburg if I remember right, with some oldies as well

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