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Looking for a game! Like Ikari Warriors


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My goal was to purchase a couple stand-ups to accommodate my new store (coming in June). I have been able to get a couple (Ninja Gaiden and Rastan - paid $300 total), but I can not remember the name of my favorite game.


It played exactly like Ikari Warriors (and I actually thought it was just Ikari Warriors 2). It had an original name though... but the 2 Ikari Warrior guys were in it and it used the 360 degree joystick and fire/grenade buttons.


Anyone have any idea? (probably around 1984 or so)


BTW, I'm also planning to get Police Trainer and/or Area 51 (modern) and Arkanoid and Galaga 88 and/or Raiden.


Edit: I also remember getting stuck at this one end boss where you had to throw grenades ito the mouth of this moster to beat it...


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No, but those were all VERY close. I see now that this was a rather difficult question to answer and I appreciate the effort you went through. Thanks.


It seems like you were fighting mosters... as the creature I couldn't pass was a thing that you had to use super grenades to throw in its mouth... which wasn't always open...


AAAARGH! Why can't I remember???

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I just read your last sentence (thought it was a signature line). YES!!


That's it!! HA! you found it thank you!


Now, my christmas present to me is buying this game! (Watch it'll be mega rare...)


Heh, thanks again...


Now, I know why it looked so much like Ikari Warriors...

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At least it's Jamma hardware, no problem finding cabinets.

There's a few up on Ebay, but I'd check local vendors to see if they've got a junker.

BTW Both of your other games are Jamma as well, so you could swap one out in the meantime.


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