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Fake(?) EG arcade screenshots

Scott Stilphen

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Huh, that's an interesting Battlezone screenshot. I wonder if Atari was considering doing a color vector version at some point? I don't know anything about the Omega Race background, although I will say that the one in the ad sure is distracting. Sounds to me like some artist just got completely carried away or found a bunch of screenshots from early works in progress..



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I asked someone who owns an Omega Race and apparently that is the background to the cockpit/sitdown version. He's not sure if it's different on the upright.


And just thought I'd throw this one in as an fyi.. I don't know anything about a color Battlezone back in '82, but in the recent release of Atari Anniversary classics for the PC, Dreamcast, and PSX, there is the option to turn on "color vectors" in Battlezone. It actually doesn't look to far from that pic I think.


..actually I take that back, I think it's only an option in the PC and PSX version, not DC. But I may be wrong

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Many of the "screenshots" back then in these great magazines were usually artist drawings of the screens. Also, there are plenty of hardware screenshots that are of prototypes and pre-production equipment, ones we know never were released in the way pictured.


Since this thread talks about old magazines, feel free to look at my growing collection of Electronic Games, Atari Age and other magazines and books from the "Golden Era of VideoGames" at:




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Originally posted by NE146:

..actually I take that back, I think it's only an option in the PC and PSX version, not DC. But I may be wrong


Sadly, this option is gone from the Dreamcast version... I can't imagine why they would leave it out though.



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In the March 82 issue, there's a pic of a color Battlezone screen (page 44)!


On the back inside cover is a Midway ad - besides the (obvious) fake pics of Space Invaders and Galaxian, there's one of Omega Race with a different backdrop from the ones I've seen (all the uprights have a Space-Invaders-style "space" background). Was this one ever used (for the sitdowns, maybe)?



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