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Pole Position

Mister VCS

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How many tracks had the original Pole Positon arcade machine? I rember back in

1991 when I played the original arcade machine at the last time i could choose between 4 tracks,

but my PC-version (Microsoft Return of the

Arcade) only has one (due to the 2600 version). Are there different arcade-originals?

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Pole Position is limited in depth, featuring just one track. However, its replay value is not lacking.



Other console editions feature multiple tracks, possibly following the example set by the release of Pole Position II in 1983.



This is probably where I got confused. For instance, I know the Atari 400/800 and 5200 versions have four tracks (I even know of a 5200 prototype where the tracks have different names).


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Originally posted by Tempest:

No, I'm almost sure the original Pole Position had 4 tracks as well.


I am sure too that the Pole Positon machine I played in 1991 had four tracks!

It was not the Pole Position II coin-up! Maybe there are different versions of PP.

I guess the namco-original had one track, and the Atari-version had four.

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I dunno. I don't recall ever seeing Pole Position in the arcades ever having more than 1 track. Here are several links to Pole Position information all with one thing in common....


Pole Position: 1 track called Fuji Speedway.

Pole Position 2: 4 Tracks


Maybe you played the game PP2 in a PP cabinet???


Pole Position Info


More Pole Position Info (Lots)


One More

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Pole 1 had one track, Fugi. Pole 2 has the same track and three others. They all say Prepare to Qualify, and have identical sounds/cars, etc.


There were dedicated Pole 2's, and the side art is people laughing in race gear. Strange. I have three Pole 1's in my garage right now. Anybody interested in one?



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