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Any one got any ideas, all are welcome, just no repeats!!!!


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Ok some time over this summer, me and a few other people will begin production on our own aracade machine, and i was just wondering if any one had any NEW ideas for it, i don't want any rehashed ideas, the only guidlines i have is that it is a retros style, something commonly seen the the late 70s early 80s, any display works, all NEW ideas are welcome, thanks...

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I built a Soul Caliber about a year ago. What a pain in the butt. Ended up selling it at auction for like a G just to move it.


In my opinion, unless you are going to work in fiberglass, a wood cabinet as a starting point is easier than a total new-from scratch. Modifying existing lines is easy; making new ones, that actually hold the monitor properly is tough.


Just a suggestion.


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The yar's revenge thing isn't exactly a bad idea, BUT i was hoping to put this out on a "hot spot" and make some quick cash off of it, so it's more than a hobby, so now the hard part begins, is Yar's Revenge still owned under a copy right? And if it is who owns it!?

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