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Hunchback of Notre Dame


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Does anyone ever remember this game? I remember playing this in the mid 80s at a local indian deli after coming home from high school.


Better question is there any versions on the home systems. I remember having a copy on disk on the commie 64, but other than that, I've never seen this game.


For all of you unfamiliar with this game, you are the hunchback running across the top of castle walls. I remember arrows or something coming at you horizontally. I also remember having to jump over empty holes, and holes where there were castle guards with spears that they lifted while you tried to jump. Definitely a timing game. I can't remember if you had a certain amount of time to finish the board or if it was just unlimited time and you just got killed. I do remember that you had to ring the bell after scrolling several screens to the right and avoiding all the obstacles.


Ahhh.... memories.



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Hunchback = Great Game


I love it.


The Mame sound is definately dodgy - on my system the bells dont ring - it just sort of makes a "ffffggggsssttttt" sound. I'm sure the bells used to ring at the end of each screen on the original coin-op but its many, many years since I played it for real so I could be well wrong.


Then again it could just be the way I have it configured.



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