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The Price of Arcade games.

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I have a Pac-man stand up arcade game in my house and I was thinking about getting Donkey kong and a few others, but when I looked around I only found one place in California who had all the games I wanted and most started at about $900, plus an extra $250 for shipping, but that was about two years ago. Well I found a place in Michigan that is making a stand up game that has Ms.Pac-man and Galaxian all in one, but when I called them to find out how much it was I almost passed out. $3000 for the stand-up and $3500 for the cocktail table. I dont know about you guys but that is way too much money for me but what do you guys think about these prices?

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You must be thinking of the Ms Pacman / GALAGA Anniversary Edition right? The reason why it's 3 grand is those things were just released not too long ago, so it's probably a brand new game! However, if you're buying an older game then yeah, $50-$900 is average depending on condition and what game it is.


If you're thinking about Donkey Kong (and you're into that multi-arcade thing), you could get Donkey Kong Jr, as that boardset can be easily modded with a kit to become Double Donkey Kong which can play both.


p.s. while you're there definitely look around the site ( http://www.hypertech.com/arcade/ ) as it's a good one.

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You also must keep in mind that games that will earn money in arcades will still fetch a much higher price then a game that would sit by itself unplayed at an arcade.


Ms. Pac Man, Pac Man, Galaga, Galaxian, Dig Dug and more still earn money. Expect to pay a lot more for them...

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wow, i should consider myself lucky ...


i went shopping a few carts yesterday and i was offered a Rampage arcade for 150$ because the guy needs more space ...


i guess i can't say no to that!


i just have to find a place to store it, as my girlfriend would immediately leave our appartment if i bring the arcade home ...

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It's not just because Ms Pac and Galaga still make money in the arcades that they cost money. It's because they are also the most popular machines for consumers to buy for their home. Obviously the two phenomena are related.


The only way to make this an affordable hobby is to buy machines directly at auction, which usually means they won't work, and know how to fix it.


Most nonworking machines have something really minor wrong with them, but because they "don't work" they go for almost nothing.


If you buy from somebody who offers restored games you will pay a premium.

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