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2600 Tempest Arcade Hack, Need Programer.


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i tried to do hack of it,because being a fan the origam arcade and of course the jaguar version it needed to be done. however that didn't work out.

I'm currently working on my game that I made forthe ti and porting it to 2600 which was done because tempest was neevr made for the Ti-99/4a

it's simlar to tempest in way.

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Then how come games like Beamrider or for that mater all Activision games almost never flickers?


Activision programmers carefully work out their game designs to fit within the 2600's hardware capabilities. In Beamrider, the 'dotty' background is designed with different dots on different scan lines, and even at that it's still 'fixed'. Using some dots to loosely outline a Tempest board might work, but it would be a pretty iffy. A more interesting approach might be to use a larger-format cartridge such as 4A50, SuperCharger, or Chimera to implement an SDI-style kernel. Everything would flicker at 30Hz, but it would be possible to freely display half-resolution objects anywhere on the screen in three colors plus black.

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