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Original FB mods?

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Has anyone modded an original flashback? It may have not been the hit that the fb2 was but it sure is a slick looking little thing. Anyone reprogrammed it? Stuck a flash card in it, anything? Great case, I see potential even if it gets totally gutted and reprogrammed.



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seeing its a noac it shoudent be hard to mod it to play nes carts if were lucky it will have a spot to solder a famicon slot on make a converetre to play nes games and your done
One would think so, but this has been discussed before, and from what we've heard, the information we need to perform the modification isn't coming from the original engineers anytime soon. I posted a picture in the thread I linked to that indicates possible soldering points that I found for an NES cartridge connector, but they're scattered all over the board and it would take some reverse-engineering to figure out how to connect it. I'm really surprised that somebody like Ben Heckendorn hasn't already figured it out; the FB1 is a much nicer Famiclone than the nasty N64-controller-looking thingies that he and others are currently using for their NES hardware projects.


It's a real pity, too, because I literally have no use at all for my FB1 anymore unless I can add an NES cartridge connector to it or use its case to hold some other hardware. I think it's still too small for even the smallest computer motherboards, so making a little emulation PC out of it isn't an option just yet. I'll hold onto it to see if a convenient use for it comes up, but I just wish somebody would come up with the information for the NES cartridge mod. That would be the best option of all.

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