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In keep with tradition, i'm posting another contest. As stated in the title, I'm getting married next month (9/24 to be exact).

Over the last month, I've been moving all my stuff from my old place to our new house. This includes box after box of video games and systems. The contest will simply be to guess how many boxes of video games I have had to move. To elaborate, I mean cardboard, tupperware and laundry baskets full of games. I dont mean individually boxed games.



1. One guess per person until I say you can guess again

2. No bitching and moaning about the contest!!!!!!



Something from the Atariage store. Usually I let the winner pick from one of the new homebrews. Usually between $20-$30 in value.

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Congratulations! Very Exciting and a lot of hard work moving.


Can we ask what systems you collect for? :D :love: Granted this doesn't mean you'll answer,lol. :P


I collect for NES, Atari 2600 and 7800. I also have a bunch of Sega Master, colecovision and intellivision games that I only use for trade.


Also, no one has guessed correctly yet. I'm going to wait a few more days to see if anyone else can guess it before letting everyone guess again.

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