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How To Cute The Cart Port for the Flashback 2?

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I seen alot of photos and images of how to install a cart port on the Flashback 2 but I had yet to see anyone showing how to CUT the plastic casing on the unit it self from what cutting tool from using Scissors to Blowtorch in cutting it right? What happin if I cut it wrong and I had to fine an other FB2 :ponder:

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I drill and dremel. I first drill out to the inside area of what I want to remove. Snip out the left over and then dremel out to my guide marks I made. I have a picture I never posted in my post on this. I'll try to post it here or if you want I could e-mail it to you.





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I see that the links work. What I end up doing is just dremel out to one of the grooves on top so that it looks like it matches up for the hole. The the part of the hole that is clossest to the front ends up being just shy of the raised plastic. I mount my cart guide under the top of the FB2's shell so I only cut the hole to fit a cart though and no bigger. I end up finshing after the dremeling with a finger nail file and then a quick shot with a heat gun to smooth out the plastic. If your intrested I can do the whole mod for a small fee plus shipping if you want. I try to have the turn around in a week depending when I get it. Let me know if your intrested.



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