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A game I can't sell. I'm making this game just for fun (and my niece), and I want SpongeBob to have the same jumping as Mario does in Donkey Kong, which is once you press and hold the fire button and are done jumping, Mario stays on the ground. In this game, SpongeBob takes another jump as soon as he's done jumping, which is what I want fixed. Also, any comments about the game would be appreciated.



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  dim alreadyPressed = p
 alreadyPressed = 0


 if joy0fire && alreadyPressed = 0 then gosub Jump : alreadyPressed = 1
 if !joy0fire then alreadyPressed = 0


I haven't looked at your code, so you may need to change the name of the gosub and the variable used. Given the length of the jumps in your game, you may need a bit more logic to get it right. For example, if you have a jumpTimer, the last line should read:


  if !joy0fire && jumpTimer = 0 then alreadyPressed = 0


That will keep the player from being able to press jump again until SB is back on the ground.

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The thing I was referring to was in the topic Quick Moving Question, not Hurdles-WIP. Went back, and redid level 1 to make it slower. Level 2 on the other hand, is like level 1 used to be. I don't know how I'll do a Level 3 (if I think of one).

For those of you who don't watch SpongeBob, let me explain Level 2: Plankton is a little green guy who always tries to get the secret formula for the hamburger at the restaurant where SpongeBob works as a fry cook. Plankton's rival restaurant (which has yet to have a customer) is called the Chum Bucket. I've made some creative licensing and wrote Plankton's name on the walls of the Chum Bucket here. There was an episode where Plankton's whole family teams up to try to get the formula (but ultimately failed). That's what Level 2 is based on.



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