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Find the easter egg!


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We've been dropping hints about this for about a year. Yes, the 2005 Minigame Multicart has an easter egg! Despite the fact that a good number of carts have been sold, nobody has yet reported finding the egg!


We want that to change. So we are offering a grand prize. This prize is unique, as it is a cart of a game that has never been released and never will be. There will be one and only one cart of this game, ever. Collectors, this is your chance to own a truly unique cart!


The game on the cart is an improved version of Bob Montgomery's Hunt the Wumpus (attached to this post.)

(Note: this game is completely unrelated to, and shares no code with another version of Hunt the Wumpus currently in development by another author.)


Second prize: We will release the binary to the 2005 Minigame Multicart on October 31, 2006, or after the contest is over, whichever comes first! Everybody wins the second prize!





1. This contest is only open to owners of the 2005 Minigame Multicart.


2. The winner of the grand prize will be the first person to find the easter egg and post, to this thread, a detailed description of what the easter egg is, and concise, repeatable instructions detailing exactly how to unlock the egg.


3. You must discover the egg on real hardware and only by playing.

a. Dumping the cart for any purpose is considered unfair and is therefore forbidden.

b. Playing on an emulator is not allowed.

c. Such activities as reverse-engineering, disassembling, using the Stella or PCAE debugger, or other dissemination of the binary are not allowed.

d. You may not use any hardware tools such as an EPROM emulator, oscilloscope, logic analyzer or anything else on the cart or any of its components.


4. This contest commences immediately and will end once a grand prize winner is confirmed and announced in this thread.


5. If there is no winner by October 31, 2006, the binary will be released and we will open the contest to anyone and will revoke rule #3b (playing on emulators) but all other rules will apply. However, we expect that the egg will be found before this time.



Search the forums. There have been several clues posted over the past year or so. I may have posted a crappy little parable too...


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Found it




My initial problem was I saw Go Fish hiding behind the 5 on the manual's cover:



I then picked up on the E shape in the small Marble Jumper screen shot directly above it and thought "aha!" and spent a bit of time trying to get the board to that shape. Once I figured that out, I spent even more time hitting different switch, buttons, left/right controller combos after getting to that shape with no luck. :lol:


I then tracked down a poem

Go slower, not faster

up or down the raster

refrain from jerky motion

and splash into the ocean

I'll leave you with this clue:

It's 10 days early for you


and deciphered that to mean hold the joystick up (or down) long enough on the main menu without letting go and the easter egg would unlock.


edit: the last forum upgrade put all attachments at bottom of message, I put them back inline.

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Found it


Congratulations! :-o :-o :-o You hit it dead on! Even I didn't know about the hint behind the 5. Or if I was told about it, I forgot :dunce:


I made your cart yesterday, but it needs a label. We decided to run a label contest!


And as promised, attached is the second prize - the 2005 Minigame Multicart binary. Enjoy!


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I scanned the page at 2400 dpi and see this:



If that's it, I cannot see it by looking at the manual, only on the scanned image.


edit: the last forum upgrade put all attachments at bottom of message, I put it back inline.

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