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A recursive contest


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Whoops, I guess you do kind of see it in the game, and it's definitely not a walking stick, oh well, I had a good time making these.


Where do you see it in the game? I saw this a while back, and I'm just now playing it again, and I don't see the wumpus even when "Wumpus got you" appears...


The original author of the original game, Gregory Yob, described the wumpus as too heavy for the bats to lift and having "sucker feet," so that he couldn't fall into pits, so I guess he could be a giant insect...or maybe an air-breathing octopus...


Check out this early published version of the game:




(Don't forget to turn the page)

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This won't affect the contest, but for those of you who are putting credits on your label, Hunt the Wumpus was programmed by Bob, using Fred's basic compiler.


In my humble opinion, a few lines of fine print explaining the background of this cartridge would be a good idea, just in case there are still Atari collectors in 50 years.



Definitely! Wish I'd gone to look at the binary earlier. Apologies to Bob Montgomery!

No worries. :D


Nice designs, by the way.

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no, i wish i can produce stuff like that. it's pulled and tweaked from old sources. the red one is my brother.


What was the source image for the monster in the middle design, if you don't mind? It's wild. :)




it is something that has been on my computer for years. he's been patiently waiting to be used.

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We have a winner! One of Jacob Rose's entries was chosen for the cart. Congratulations Jacob!


This is the design that will appear on the cart:


I've sent Jacob a PM so we can work out the text that should appear on the label. Also, I will post a pic of the cart before I send it out to Spiceware.

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