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FB2 voltage(s)

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Nice chip, I did a project about 10yrs ago with a TDA3330, similar chip, yours has a LOT more capabilities to it though, I may have to try that out myself too...



Shouldn't be a problem at all powering it.





Thanks Curt.

Do you think it could drive this chip?

CXA1585Q RGB Decoder


I want to put a Flashback in my arcade cabinet.

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I am just now realizing how small the QZA1585Q is (7mm). I don't really have the equipment for this. Even if I found a 32 pin QFP socket to access it with, I am not seeing it for sale for less than $25 in small quantities.




is DIP28 and goes for less than $7. But it looks like it will require a few more support components than the CXA1585Q and has a typical supply voltage of 10.8V.


Are seperate chroma and luma available on the Flashback 2.0?

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I wonder if there'd be other ways of generating RGB. Does the FB2 use a 3.58MHz crystal as its primary timebase, or does it use something faster and divide down? If you could generate three signals that were appropriately phased off the 3.58MHz clock you could probably construct a crude but effective RGB gizmo using discrete parts.

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